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Waterfall Academy is a school for children with learning differences, notably for those on the autism spectrum.



We have two amazing boys. Both have autism. 

We noticed that smaller class environments with customized learning plans have driven more progress with our boys. 

We have also lived through the challenges and needs experienced by families and children with autism; specifically a need for smaller learning environments, customized learning plans, and functional life education. 

To continue that advancement, we decided to take charge of the boys’ future and start Waterfall Academy, a school focused on children with learning differences.

Our oldest, was our first student. the facility is in Richardson off Spring Valley Rd, we own our building. Also, have been blessed with an amazing lead teacher, and terrific support from the therapist community. 

We are excited about the future as we make a difference for children and families. 

We invite you to learn about our journey, inquire about the possibilities of Waterfall Academy, and allow us to serve you as well as your family. 


-Angel and Connie Rodriguez



We deliver functional education that is customized to the brilliance of each child while supporting families on the path to greatness.


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